Your Face...Invigorate

Aqua Signature Facial

A gentle exfoliation and deep pore cleansing designed to rejuvenate your skin. This traditional deep cleansing facial also includes a relaxing massage of the face, hands and feet. A finishing masque prepared just for your skin type provides the final touch.  1 1/2 hrs. $115 


Seaweed Facial

Our most popular european facial combined with our seaweed serum rich in vitamin C, mineral and proteins, finished with a fresh seaweed masque, leaving your skin clean, refreshed, healthy and vibrant. 45 Minutes $85

European Facial

A luxurious treatment to exfoliate, with deep pore cleansing to remove everyday impurities. Enjoy a gentle massage and finish with a toning and restoration masque to return your sksin to a balanced state. 1 hr. 15 Minutes. $75 


Men’s Refreshing Facial

Specially designed for men, this hydrating facial heals skin irritations caused by shaving. Facial includes exfoliation, deep cleaning, and a relaxing massage of the face, neck and shoulders. 1hr. $70

Refreshing Facial

Show up at your next special event with a healthy glow. Surface cleaning followed by a relaxing massage will give you the look you want, and the attention you deserve. 45 Minutes $60

Teen Facial

A facial treatment to address the needs of our teen clients. Teens benefit from deep cleansing, plus a gentle massage and finishing masque to refine and soothe delicate young skin. 1hr. $65

Back Cleansing Treatment

Sure all this attention to the face is nice, but don’t neglect my needs. I could use a light exfoliation and deep pore cleansing. You know, right on all those hard-to-reach places. Complete my day with a soothing massage and masque. Ahhhhh… the back is back!” 45 Minutes $70

Eye Contour

Cooling masque oils help eliminate swelling and puffiness in the delicate eye area. Makes a special addition to any facial treatment. 15 Minutes

Collagen Masque

Added to any Aqua Facial gives an instant firmness and refined feel to the face.

$25 Extra