Your Body...Reawaken

Salt Scrub or Sugar Glow

Salt and Sugar Scrubs provide gentle yet effective exfoliation for your skin. We offer a variety of salt and sugar scrubs designed to please any skin type. For Sensitive skin, we recommend White Sugar Honey, Citrus or Mango Brown Sugar. For Normal skin, our Satin Brown Sugar is ayurvedic, in keeping with the Hindu science of restoring harmony and balance. (includes a shower before body crème).

1 hr. 15 Minutes $75 Each


Aqua Body Massage

Our signature full-bodymassage perfectly customized to your needs.We use a luxurious blend of pure essential oilsderived from plants and fl owers to ease musculartension while enlivening the sense. 1 1/2 hrs. $125


European Body Massage

Treat your bodyto a world-class massage technique! Relaxmuscle tension with the long, fluid movementsof a full-body Swedish massage. 1 hr. $95


Sports Massage

Whether you’re a pro or aweekend athlete, after our Sports Massage,your body will feel like a winner. This therapeuticmassage works all your muscles, but special concentration is afforded to those musclesmost used in your particular sport.

1 1/2 hrs. $135



Allow energy to fl ow freely sothat the body can achieve a state of balance. Based on a healing process,refl exology concentrates on a scientifi cmassage of the feet that eliminates stressand tension from the entire body. 1 hr. 15 Minutes $95


Take the journey a step further and combineany of our scrubs with a Sea Algae Wrap. 1 1/2 hrs. $125